How did a simple ‘tick’ mark make a mark on all of us? How is it that a bitten apple no longer reminds us of eve, but of steve? and how is it that a simple letter ‘m’ no longer just stands for a hamburger, but for happiness?
The answers: design, design, and yes- design. a design is the first impression you give out about your company. and obviously, It’s the first impression that lasts. Probably why most of the world’s oldest companies still retain the same visual style they started off with.
Which is why camo’s designs aren’t just about ‘Looking nice’, ‘Adding glitz’, or ‘Making the logo stand out’. We’re in the business of making the right impression- about your company to your audience.
‘CAMO’ is short for a ‘camouflage’- Which we believe is the right blend of our creativity with your requirements. After all, that’s why your passions are our profession. And we’re more than ridiculously eager to give you the best designs, with the best of technology and creative expertise from our end- to ultimately make sure your company’s first impression- makes an impression.

Our bandwagon consists of the ‘Duo of creative do-gooders’- Jerin and Jeba

Jerin the left-brainer: Dexterous, Analytical, and hates the suspense account. A software engineer by chance and a media business pro by choice, his phone number is the one to keep on speed dial when you’ve signed up with us!
Jeba, on the other hand is the creative right brain. your objective is her input- and her imagination is our output. a visual communication graduate turned designer, jeba’s work is the highlight of our portfolio. but all said and done, at camo- we’re all visual speakers. so if you’re not convinced by our words yet, maybe our work can speak for itself!